About SJ Poets

The South Jersey Poets Collective is dedicated to sustaining a community of artists interested in writing and sharing their poetry on a monthly basis.  SJ poets boasts the involvement of over 40 poets, with the support of local professors from Stockton State College and Atlantic Cape Community College as well as established poets who are Atlantic City natives.  This group of experienced poets mixed with upcoming, more amateur artists makes an eclectic group that comes together with great cohesion to inspire and energize each other.  Some might say that making a choice to live in South Jersey sacrifices any possibility of being a part of the arts scene.  The South Jersey Poets Collective proves that geography does not determine the fate of a movement. Timing for this movement could not be better as Atlantic City works to reignite the cultural presence hat has for years laid dormant on the island.   These poets are doing their part, reinventing themselves while reintroducing poetry to fill a growing void in our community.  The South Jersey Poets Collective creates an experience that pulls you into a scene that larger cities would be hard pressed to duplicate.  Anyone interested in joining need only show up to become a part of this ever expanding, all-inclusive group.

Local poets who are currently members of SJ Poets include: Peter Murphy, Joel Dias-Porter, Bruce Williams, Cole Eubanks, Emari DiGiorgio, Emily Van Duyne, Richard Russell, Paul-Victor Winters, Ernie Schell, Mary Artley Werner, MaryLisa DeDomenicis, Elinor Mattern and so many other talented individuals.

5 thoughts on “About SJ Poets”

  1. Stephanie Allen said:


    My name is Stephanie Allen. I’m a senior at Stockton College, and I’m working on compiling a bibliography of south Jersey poetry. So, I’m just contacting as many poetry sites and organizations as I can find because I’d like to include as many poets as possible.

    The counties I’m considering south Jersey are Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Cape May, and Atlantic. Anybody writing from or about those areas is welcome to send me their bibliographic information (author, collection title, publisher, date) at stk36810@go.stockton.edu.

    Thank you so much and hope to hear from some of you soon,

    Stephanie Allen

  2. Joseph Cannizzo Jr. said:

    Hello, I am a newly published poet from Mays Landing, NJ, and I just wanted to share my news with the South Jersey Poets Collective. I am a 22 year-old RUTGERS student who recently returned from a Summer abroad in England where I wrote my first book of poetry, “When in Lewes,” named after the beautiful town of Lewes, England where I stayed. Currently, the book is available on Amazon, and I am hosting two book signings; one in Oct. 10th at CoffeeWorks in Voorhees, NJ from 4:30 to 6:30, and a second on Dec. 12th at The Book Asylum in Blackwood, NJ from 1:00 to 3:00.
    As a newly published South Jersey poet, any way that you can help spread the word of my new book would be greatly appreciated, as would any information on how I can help become a part of the South Jersey Poets Collective.
    Thank you!

    • Katherine Johnston said:

      I would love to know the process of publishing your work! I am very interested in publishing what I have made over the years. Also I am going to check out your work!

  3. William Dowling said:

    Yes I would signs up for poetry night next month . I started writing poems about 2 years ago . Now have 50 pomes . I am using my Dyslexia in a good way . With the twist and turned of my thinking in a new way . Bill Dowling

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