mary artley werner

artleywernermary artley werner (poet)
born 12/27/60 in bridgeton, nj
meant to be SJ POET along!
childhood 4 of 5 in new hope whilst delaware valley attracted all sorts of other flower children…wished i had been at woodstock…over the years have decided i am a WHO geek (if there is such a term — now there is–don’t know what would have done without THE WHO)…had an experience that saved my life in the ’80’s…found the EDGAR CAYCE’S Association For Research and Enlightenment because the voice in “the readings”  provided same exact salvation as His voice i heard…built my life back and met my mellow man in 1990 (along with some poets —they convinced me that chocolate IS something to love)…graduated University of Pennsylvania 1992 and married artist mellow Tom Werner in 1993…we bought our home in 1994 and have a few cats and a garden and we catch crabs just say say hi…i am happy to sing most anywhere and do so at Gilda’s Clubhouse South Jersey.    I love to laugh and recently overheard myself saying that truly i am a dolphin and what we do is guide

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