faleehaHassanShe is one of the most widely published women in Iraq, perhaps in the entire Middle East, and is a pioneer bringing her poetry and writing skills to contribute to the cultural enrichment of her war torn country and many other countries around the world.
It would seem strange, indeed, that Iraq, a country at war with itself and its neighbors since the early 1980’s, has given birth to a woman who has crafted beautiful poetry and short stories in her country and has accomplished so much under such difficult conditions.  Amazingly, out the rubbles of war, Iraq has produced a 21st century contemporary woman, who should rank among the great woman poets of the world.
In her male dominated society, Faleeha has earned her place in literary history with sheer persistence and determination to get her message across to her readers and she has been honored for her body of work in many countries.  While she has experienced the horrors of war, she continues to write about her own unique vision of her people and life itself.
She received her Master of Arts degree in Arabic literature from University of Kufa, in Najif, Iraq, in 2006 and she has published several collections of her poetry in the Arabic language.  She is a noted poet and novelist, having published twelve books, a playwright, having written three plays, and author of over 50 short stories and a children’s book of poetry.
In addition, Faleeha’s poetry has been accepted for publication in many newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the Middle East and Europe.  She has been both an editor of a poetry magazine, Banqya Quarterly in Najif, Iraq (2004-2011) and a newspaper of general circulation, Sada Alnareen, 2006-2011in Najif, Iraq.   She currently sits on the Editorial Boards of two publications.
Over 100 newspaper articles have been written about her and her poetry and she has received many prestigious awards throughout the Middle East and beyond for her writing.  Faleeha belongs to a number prominent professional writing associations and is still active in the cultural activities of her country of which one play is currently being performed in Iraq.