JackieshelleyYou could say I’m a fan of the South Jersey Poets’ Collective. After taking a Creative Writing Class two years ago, I discovered a long lost love of poetry. Then I attended the first World Above Open Mic and heard Joel Porter-Diaz read and thought I’d love to be able to write like that. I’ve been a faithful attendee ever since.

If you think, as I once did, that poetry is some undecipherable jibber jabber that requires a codebook to appreciate, you’d be wrong. What you’ll hear during any given Open Mic is about the lives and experiences of our eclectic Atlantic City crowd.  There are slam poets, poets who love haiku, free verse poets, and poets who recite to jazz music. You’re bound to hear something you like.

But for me, what sets World Above Open Mics apart from other open mics is the chance to listen to “poetry genies” like David Yezzi, Jeffrey McDaniel, Laura McCullough, and this month’s featured poet Cynthia Arrieu-King.

Come listen to enjoy, to learn what award winning poetry sounds like, or simply to be with a supportive group of people who want to share what’s kindest, dearest, or most madding about the world around us.

You can read some of my earlier work at www.JacalynShelley.com. I hope to see you Wednesday, January 22nd at 7pm in Dante Hall Theater, Atlantic City. In time for Valentine’s Day, you’ll receive a Big Data Valentine.